CNN reported on a news story regarding Texas Gov. and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry,
who made comments about former Mass. Gov. and fellow candidate Mitt Romney’s
health care “problem.”  Perry compared the health care plan implemented in Massachusetts while Romney was governor to federal health care reform proposed by President Barack Obama.

This normally would be a story that could be easily
ignored except that the second half of it suddenly died.  I do not understand Perry’s quotes to the
press defending his record as governor, even though 26.1 percent of Texans are
uninsured.  He said, “I’m Rick Perry, and I am who I am. I’ve got my own record. I’m not George Bush. I don’t try to be.”  This quote and the next one, in which Perry mentioned Texas job creation during his tenure, are not relevant to the subject
at hand.

CNN did not do its job and press Perry on his own health care problems in Texas.  This is disheartening because the reporters had such easy access to facts, such as the uninsured Texans data, but didn’t get a quote from him about anything closely related to that.  As one of the biggest sources of news to Americans, CNN has the obligation of getting real answers from presidential candidates.  Instead,  the readers are left with Perry going unchallenged.  CNN failed in its duty to
report the news.